Kevin Glenn

Brooklyn Heights Press/Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Local Singer-Songwriter Gives Concerts Brooklyn Heights Press Brooklyn Daily Eagle In recent months, residents of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Manhattan have enjoyed the sounds of singer-songwriter Kevin Glenn, who has given a series of concerts. The concerts, about an hour or more in length, have given Glenn the opportunity to hone his performance style and share his latest musical efforts.

A concert consists of ten or more songs that vary in style from pop/rock to folk, country, and theatrical drama. With lyrics drawn from his own experiences and insights into the joy and pain of everyday life, the tunes are both deeply personal and universal. Perhaps that’s why his audiences relate so closely to his music. Several concert goers have attended multiple evenings for the sheer joy of it.

“A touch of genius is in his work,” reported one such Heights resident. Another exclaims, “He’s in the top echelon of what he does.” With applause ringing forth at the end of each concert, encores have become standard. And with them come requests for tunes that, in this brief period of time, have become well known. “My son and I have several personal favorites,” commented one Cobble Hill resident. “We always hope to hear at least one of them.” According to Glenn, people have different favorites. “Apparently, people are resonating to the entire body of work and not just favoring one or two songs. For a songwriter this is great news.”

The beauty of Glenn’s work is that it appeals to listeners from 7–70, a rare quality these days. Youngsters enjoy some of the more high energy songs such a love song entitled, “Calling an Angel,” while more mature members of his audiences connect to the lyrics of songs such as “King of Promises,” a song about domestic abuse. A song about the homeless, “Old Woman in White Gloves” seems to transcend all age barriers with the bouncy, country-like music offsetting the tragedy described in the sophisticated lyrics. “The old woman in the song is actually someone I saw on the streets years ago,” says Glenn. “Every time I sing the song I dedicate it, even if silently, to her wherever she is. She’s touched me deeply, and I don’t even know her name.”

Audiences have been moved not only by Glenn’s songs but also by the beauty, power and intensity of his voice. From the faintest of whispers to a strength of sound that is wonderfully exciting, Glenn performs his music with joy, fun, and great depth. He is a true entertainer. After growing up in Toms River, New Jersey and graduating with performance honors from Trenton State College, Glenn moved to New York City and now resides in Brooklyn Heights with his wife, Martha Lindsey. “Martha was and is my muse,” says Glenn. “She opened the creative floodgates for me, and they haven’t closed since.”

According to Glenn, he has “a couple hundred songs or more” and is writing new ones on a daily basis. “These concerts have been the perfect place to try out my songs, both new and old. When I perform, I can usually sense which songs work as is and which ones are still en route. Glenn himself is very much en route. He’s an up and coming artist of enormous talent who is capable of touching the hearts, minds, and souls of those lucky enough to hear his music…This is one performer you’ll not want to miss.


Kevin, I have to say I love your cd! I listen to it in the car now and I just really connect with it! I love the song..."Still Afraid to Fly." I connect with that one so much. Some of the songs I would love to pick your barin on, like "A Lifetime Ago." That story was so deep. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and art. I really love it!

RNC Productions

Great Pieces and Fantastic Arrangements! His music is very original and often speaks for itself. It keeps things going in ways that one may not be used to. This is a great collection and is a pleasure to listen to. It makes one want to keep listening. Job well dong.


Last weekend we brought Kevin's CD [See in Full] with us to our country home upstate NY; what a perfect setting to hear the beautiful down to earth emotional lyrics come out of the speakers. Like a glass of fine merlot the music and words resonated warmly in our soul and that's a wonderful talent that Kevin has.